Historic Ship NAUTILUS Virtual Tour

The Control Room
The Control Room Cutout

Control RoomThe Control Room is located directly below the Attack Center, and contains all the instruments and controls for diving, surfacing and steering the ship. The Diving Officer of the Watch was in charge of this space and received orders for depth, course and speed from the Officer of the Deck in the Attack Center.

The Planesmen operated the stern and bow planes to control the ship's angle and depth. The Helmsman controlled the ship's rudder in order to change the ships course.

Operating LeversOperating levers for the Main Ballast Tanks are located aft of the planesmen. Filling these tanks with water caused the ship to submerge, to a maximum depth of 700 feet. Filling these tanks with air caused the ship to rise. In addition, Trim Tanks, were used to make the ship neutrally buoyant by adding or removing water.

Radio RoomOn the right side of the Control Room is the Radio Room where all the ship's communication equipment is located. When the NAUTILUS was submerged, special antennas were used to transmit and receive different types of radio communications.

From the Control Room, the tour will lead visitors to the Crews Mess.