Historic Ship NAUTILUS Virtual Tour

The Attack Center
The Attack Center Cutout

Attack CenterFrom the Wardroom, visitors enter the Attack Center. The Attack Center contains all the equipment necessary to operate the submarine as a warship. On the left side of the corridor, visitors will notice a black panel with a red diagram of the ship. This was called a "Line-of-Sight Diagram" which was used to help calculate the range and direction of a target for aiming a torpedo. To the right of the Line-of-Sight Diagram, is the "Firing Panel". This was used to select which torpedo tube was fired. On the lower right is the "Firing Key", used to launch the torpedo.

ConnAcross from the Firing Panel is the "Conn."; Located here are the ship's two periscopes. The periscopes served as the "eyes" of the ship, allowing the crew to see objects on the surface when the ship was submerged at periscope depth. The Officer of the Deck stood his watch here.

Attack Center PhotoAttack Center Photo

CO's RoomAttack Center PhotoBehind the Conn, is the Navigation Center. From here the Quartermaster of the Watch would chart the ship's position

Sonar RoomThe NAUTILUS also had a Sonar Room where displays helped the crew detect contacts, avoid collision and follow objects.

Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) spaceThe Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) space contained the equipment used to detect electronic transmissions generated by other vessels. Detecting these transmissions was helpful to ensure the ship remained undetected by radar and to detect the presence of enemy signals.

From the Attack Center, the tour will lead visitors to the Control Room.