Advanced screening of USS Triton documentary - 20 August at 11:00 am

Advanced screening of USS Triton documentary - the first submarine to sail around the world submerged. Her voyage started on 24 February 1960 and was concluded on 10 April 1960. In 60 days and 21 hours USS Triton circumnavigated the globe. Please join us for an advanced screening of USS Triton with the Director, Mr. Kevin Finch. The movie will last just under one hour with question and answers to follow. We hope to see you there to learn about this important piece in U.S. Submarine Force history!

Live Streaming Interactions

Talk with the crew of E/V Nautilus during a live interaction with Bob Ballardís Ocean Exploration Trust. This 20-minute program showcases the work being done to map the seafloor and discover and study a variety of shipwrecks and marine life.

DATES: Fridays Jun 2-Sep 1
TIMES: 1 PM Fridays
LOCATION: Museum Theater

Scavenger Hunts and Self Guided Tours

For individuals or groups that would like to add some fun or enhance their museum visit while still taking things at their own pace the museum offers various scavenger hunts and self guided tours as well as a phone tour. Inquire at the information desk or download and print from:

Films Currently Playing at the Museum

Museum Theater: A Century of Silent Service: Part I 45 minute film covers the early history of the Submarine Force through WWII. Begins at top of each hour.

Mini-Theater: Forty One for Freedom 20 minute film covers the design, construction and purpose of the Navyís earliest ballistic submarines during the Cold War. Continuous.

DATES: Year Round
TIMES: Continuous
LOCATION: Museum Theater & Mini- Theater

Submarine Community Events

If you would like to include announcements on this page concerning special events within the submarine community, please contact our secretary toll free at 1-800-343-0079 (local visitors may call (860) 694-3174) or Contact the Appropriate Person in Regards to your Inquiry with our Contact Form.