Past Museum Events & Flyers


Amateur Radio - Museum Ships Weekend 2015

All the pieces are coming together for another great amateur radio event on Museum Ships Weekend 2015.  We will be set up in the NAUTILUS parking lot and on the pier on Saturday 6 June and Sunday 7 June Operations will take place during Museum hours, 0900 to 1700 local time, both days.

As of 9 May 83 Museum Ships have signed in, NAUTILUS being one.  By event day in all likelihood we will be over one hundred again.  We are on the ARRL digital special event listing and listed in the hard copy QST June issue.  We will be operating under the N1S callsign again.

Spring Maintenance

We will be undergoing Spring Maintanence April 13 - 26.
The USS Nautilus is scheduled to be CLOSED 4/13- 4/26
The Muesum will be CLOSED 4/13 - 4-17 & 4/20 - 4/22
The Musuem will be OPEN 4/18 & 4/19 and after 4/23
As always we will open sooner if we finish early!

60th Anniversary Celebration

The Museum will be holding a small celebration to mark the 60th Anniversary of the NAUTILUS’ historic
“Underway on Nuclear Power” on Saturday, 17 January 2015, 1030-1130

This will be a small event - Everyone is welcome - No RSVP Required


Book Signing and Discussion

Rear Admiral Dave Oliver, USN (Ret.) December 1 and 3 at 11am.

The book details Oliver’s experience with Admiral Hyman G. Rickover’s leadership and management style and illustrates Rickover’s unique impact on American and Navy culture.

The author is a 1963 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who spent 32 years in the Navy and played vital roles on separate committees during the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Download the PDF Flyer for this Event (2.09MB)

Read Admiral Dave Oliver, USN (Ret.) will also be doing a book-signing and discussion at the Dealy Center, Bldg 164 Grayling Ave, Naval Submarine Base Groton, CT 06349 on December 2nd at 5pm.

Download the Dealy Center Event Flyer (270kb)

November 2014 Upkeep

The Boat will be closed from 11/3 to 11/16 (re-opening 11/17) and the museum from 11/3 to 11/8 (re-opening 11/9) for bi-annual upkeep. As in the past, we will re-open earlier if we can.

The Museum will reopen at 9am on 11/8!

Summer Programs at the Submarine Museum

Download our Summer Programs Flyer!

Sailfest JULY 12-13

Kick off a spectacular summer at New London’s Sailfest! Stop by our booth to decorate a Dixie-cup hat you can wear to all the events at the Museum! We’ll be there from 10 AM to 9 PM on Saturday, and from 10 AM to 6 PM on Sunday.

TIMI (Try It, Make It) Fridays 9am-12pm

JULY 18 — Making Waves
TRY IT: Slinkies and wave bottles.
MAKE IT: Paper slinkies and cup phones.

JULY 25 — Keep Your Balance
TRY IT: Gyroscopes and balances.
MAKE IT: Your own top.

AUGUST 1 — Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere
TRY IT: Seltzer rockets and baking-powder submarines.
MAKE IT: A bubble wand.

AUGUST 8 — Dazzling Drawings
TRY IT: Spirographs and reflection drawing.
MAKE IT: A spiral painting.

AUGUST 15 — I’ve Seen the Light
TRY IT: Sun prints and optical illusions.
MAKE IT: A rainbow wand and UV bead bracelet.

AUGUST 22 — Got all Your Marbles?
TRY IT: Water marbles and Wall Coasters.
MAKE IT: A marble maze.

4-H’s STEMtastic! MONDAYS 10–11:30 AM

JULY 21 — The Science of Yoga: Learn about force, point of center, and equilibrium
through fun yoga poses and games.

JULY 28 — Ride the Waves: Learn about different types of waves (water, sound, and more) and use your knowledge to create stories using a Green Screen and photography.

AUGUST 4 — Wind: Not Just For Flying Kites: Make your own wind vane and discover why wind is important when it comes to creating energy.

AUGUST 11 — Travel to the ‘60s!: Create your own Lava Lamp using basic chemistry and colorful materials!

AUGUST 18 — Flubber!: Make your own gooey experiment called Flubber.

AUGUST 25 — Balloons and Cars: Turn into an engineer and make your own balloon car that shows us how force can make a difference.

Book Signing!

Spring Break Events!

Download the PDF Flyer!


4th Annual New London County 4-H Science Day

Program is FREE! - No registration required!

Join us November 20th, 3:30 - 6:00pm for a great afternoon of fun. Families, 4-H Clubs, and Youth Programs are invited.

Please Note: While the Museum will be open the later hours - the Ship will close at 4pm.

Events and Participants include: • Mystic Aquarium • Denison Pequot Nature Center • Groton Utilities • Naval Submarine Medical Research Lab • Operation Military Kids • Hands on Science Experiments • US Coast Guard Academy • Ice Cream Social donated by UCONN • And many more….

Download the PDF Flyer!

Halloween on a Submarine!

Program is FREE! - No registration required!
Saturday October 26th, 3:00-7:00pm

Make creepy crafts! - Play Ghostly games! - Tour the haunted USS Nautilus!

And of course, get lots and lots of candy!

Download the PDF Flyer!

Summer of Science - Fridays and Holiday Weekends at the Submarine Museum!

Summer of ScienceAll programs are FREE!
No registration required!

Friday, June 28
WAVE BOTTLES: Ever wondered what a wave looks like to a fish? Make a wave bottle in a test tube and find out!

Wed, July 3 - Sun, Jul 7 (ALL DAY SCAVENGER HUNT):
PATRIOTIC SCAVENGER HUNT: There are 12 rubber duckies decked out in red, white, and blue and hiding in the Museum—they’ll be there from July 3 through July 8. Can you find them all?

Friday, July 12
OOBLECK: What’s soft when you touch it and hard when you punch it? Oobleck, of course! Come play with this cool fluid made out of cornstarch and water.

Friday, July 19
GEARS & SPIRALS: How do gears work? How can you use them to make beautiful artwork? We’ll find out!

Friday, July 26
MAGNETS: Sometimes they stick together, other times they won’t get anywhere near each other. Why? Stop by and learn a little about marvelous magnets!

Friday, August 2
WALL COASTER: Help us build a roller coaster on our wall and see if you can race a marble from the top to the bottom without having it fly off!

Friday, August 9
KEYSTONES: Did you know that even the strongest arch will fall apart if you remove a piece called the keystone? Help us build an arch and learn about this “key” to its success!

Friday, August 16
PULLEYS: You can make it easier to lift a heavy weight if you have something called a pulley to help you. Come learn about these cool machines and try one out!

Friday, August 23
SNAP CIRCUITS: Experiment with basic electronics using award-winning kits from Snap Circuits!

Saturday, August 31 - Sunday, September 1 (ALL DAY SCAVENGER HUNT)
“DETECT THE DIFFERENCE” SCAVENGER HUNT: Pick up a booklet at the docent desk, then search the Museum to find the exhibits pictured within. How are the photos different from the real thing?

Download the PDF Flyer!

Presidents of the DEEP!

Presidents of the DEEP FlyerLooking for something fun for your family to do this weekend? Presidents of the DEEPStop by the Museum February 16, 17, or 18 and pick up your FREE activity book.

It's filled with fun facts, games, and puzzles based on three presidents and the subs named after them: James K. Polk (SSBN-645), Abraham Lincoln (SSBN-602), and Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN-631).


We're open from 9 AM - 4 PM and admission and parking are free.


Celebrate Halloween on a Submarine!

Celebrate Halloween on a Submarine!

Join us in costume (or not) for our 4th Annual Halloween on a Submarine!

pumpkin Make creepy crafts!
pumpkin Play ghostly games!
pumpkin Tour the haunted USS Nautilus!
pumpkin And, of course, gets lots and lots of candy!

Saturday, October 27th 3:00 - 7:00pm
Download the Event Flyer 115kb

3rd Annual 4-H Science Day

New London County 4H Science Day

Dive into Summer Programs!

Dive Into Summer Program FlyerAll programs run 10AM - 1 PM, are FREE, and no registration is required!

Saturday, June 16: Waves of fun
Build a wave bottle with the crew of USS NAUTILUS. Using everyday household liquids we’ll show you how a wave acts in the ocean. Take your waves home with you at the end of the day!

Saturday, June 23: Razzle-Dazzle Camouflage
We’ve got a submarine that needs a new paint job and you can help! Many ships that fought in World War II were painted with a special camouflage called “Razzle-Dazzle.” Help decorate our scale submarine with this historic paint job

Saturday, July 7: OpSail CT 2012
Coming to New London for OpSail 2012? Don’t forget to stop by the Submarine Force Museum! We’ll have a special activity for children and the young at heart.

Saturday, July 14: Missile Away!
The NAUTILUS crew loves bottle rockets…so we built ourselves a launcher! Stop by the Museum to build your own bottle rocket and see just how high it will fly!

Saturday, July 21: Dixie Cup Decorations
Submariners wear Dixie cup hats with our dress uniforms, but you don’t have to get dressed up to decorate one of your own! Stop by the Museum and create a custom hat to take home.

Saturday, July 28: Flood the tubes!
Stop by the USS NAUTILUS and learn how a submarine’s torpedo tubes work. You can even build your own torpedo and launch it from our custom-made mini-torpedo tube! How many targets can you hit?

Saturday, August 4: Halfway Day
At the Submarine Force Museum we’re celebrating the halfway point of summer the same way submariners mark the middle of a deployment— with Damage Control Olympics! We’ll have a variety of outdoor activities ready to go including flooding control, fire hose demonstrations, and a cover-all relay race. Stop by for some cool fun on a hot afternoon!

Saturday, August 11: Man the Guns!
During World War II, submarines used their deck guns to fend off attacking airplanes or to sink pesky merchant ships. Come by the Museum and use our water balloon deck guns to take out some targets!

Saturday, August 18: Fix a Flood
Ever wondered how submariners save their ship if water starts pouring in when it isn’t supposed to? Come by the USS NAUTILUS and we’ll teach you! We’ve got trained submariners standing by to demonstrate how we fight flooding on our boats. At the end of the lesson you can even give it a try yourself!

Green SubSaturday, August 25: Dolphin Designs
Submariners wear customized patches on our uniforms to show which boat we’re on. Come by the Museum to learn about the history of these patches and make one to take home!

September 1 - 3: Labor Day Weekend
Finish up the summer with a special self-guided activity.

USS Nautilus part of the Museum Ships Weekend Amateur Radio Special Event June 2 and 3, 2012

Members of the Tri-City Amateur Radio Club, Mike Tucker, President, will be participating in the Museum Ships Weekend 2012 Special Event sponsored by the Battle Ship New Jersey Amateur Radio Club.

The event starts on Friday evening June 1 and ends Sunday evening June 3rd.

The event allows amateur radio operators (Hams) worldwide to communicate with and operate radios from museum ships and memorials worldwide.

There are more than 90 museums/memorials from more than 26 States and 17 countries participating in the 2012 event.

Tri-City will operate radios from the NAUTILUS Museum/Library and from the US Submarine Veterans of WWII Memorial, East on Bridge Street in Groton.

All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to participate and the public is encouraged to check out the amateur radio operations.

Special events such as these allow amateur radio operators to enjoy their hobby, hone their skills, and practice emergency communication operations which they use in support of their communities, when requested by local officials.

More information can be found at or the Tri-City website. Tri-City Amateur Radio Club has been serving radio amateurs in Southeast Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island since 1950.

Spring Break Programs April 9 - 13

Water Works

Spring Break FlyerYou may not have realized it, but you have something in common with submarines— you both need water to work!

Visit the Submarine Force Museum for four different water-related activities.

1. HYDROPHONES:Monday, 9 April, 10 am – Noon
Sound travels almost four times faster in water than it does an air. Find out how to use a hydrophone to hear those sounds and then try one out for yourself!

2. WAVES: Wednesday, 11 April, 10 am – Noon
Ever wonder what waves look like to a fish? Make a mini wave bottle and find out!

3. BALLASTING: Thursday, 12 April, 10 am – Noon
Submarines keep themselves level by moving water into and out of huge ballast tanks. Try your hand at balancing a boat using a slightly smaller model.

4. HYDROPONICS:Friday, 13 April, 10 am – Noon
Did you know you can grow plants in water—no soil necessary? “Plant” a bean in a cup of water, then take it home and watch it grow!

Photos Available in our Gallery!

Presidents of the DEEP!

Presidents of the DEEP FlyerSolutions to the Puzzles in the Activities Book

Looking for something fun for your family to do this weekend? Presidents of the DEEPStop by the Museum February 18, 19, or 20 and pick up your FREE activity book.

It's filled with fun facts, games, and puzzles based on three presidents and the subs named after them: Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619), James Monroe (SSBN-622), and James Madison (SSBN-627).

Plus, find three special items in the Museum and enter a raffle to win a real patch from one of these three boats! We're open from 9 AM - 4 PM and admission and parking are free.


3rd Annual Halloween on a Submarine!

2011 Halloween FlyerCelebrate Halloween on a Submarine!
Saturday, October 29th, 4-8 pm

Join us in costume (or not) for this FREE event.

  • Watch slightly scary movies!
  • Go on a spooky scavenger hunt!
  • Make creepy crafts!
  • Tour the haunted USS Nautilus!
  • And, of course, get lots and lots of candy!

Download the Printable Flyer!

Night at the Museum Wine Tasting

Night at the Museum Wine Tasting

Memorial Cerimony

As we approach the ten-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks and the beginning of the Global War on Terror, the Submarine Force Museum is planning a ceremony of remembrance. The centerpieces of the ceremony will be two specially-made banners on which will be written the names of the approximately 9,000 Americans who lost their lives on that fall morning and in the military operations that followed.

To complete this task, we are asking for your help. Visit the Museum any day (except Tuesday) between 9 AM and 4 PM and write a few names on the banners. No preregistration is required—simply stop by if you have some time.

The banner honoring the more than 6,000 Americans who have fallen in the Global War on Terror is six feet high and fourteen feet long.

The banner remembering the 3,000 Americans lost on September 11, 2001 is six feet high and ten feet long. The Banners will remain up until September 25th.

Help Us Remember the Victims of 9.11.01 and those who have fallen in the Global War on Terror

POW/MIA Recognition Day

POW MIA Recognition Day 16 September 2011Friday, September 16, is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

The Submarine Force Museum will be observing this important day with a specially-made video, a guest speaker, and a Missing Man Ceremony.

These events will be repeated several times throughout the day, so we hope you’ll have a chance to stop by and take part as we remember these servicemembers’ stories and sacrifices.

Bike Walk Connecticut

Bike Walk CT FlyerOn Sunday, August 14, 2011, the Submarine Force Museum will be hosting “Bike Day” with our friends at Bike Walk Connecticut.

For kids ages 5-11, learn proper bicycle handling and roadway safety skills.  10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., with registrations at 10:00, 11:30, and 1:00, instruction commencing a half hour later.  Bring bike and helmet.  (No helmet. No problem.  Thanks to CSG/Cannondale, we provide). Completely FREE and open to the public!

Our Silent Service Art Exhibit

Our Silent Service - Art Exhibit

From August 12 - September 12, The Submarine Force Museum will host "Our Silent Service: A Tribute to Our Nation's Submarine Force," a new art exhibit featuring original watercolor paintings by Lizbeth Maxson-McGee.

There are 14 submarine-themed art pieces painted in celebration of the contributions made by the nation's Submaring Force. Including:

  • "The Launch" of the U.S.S. Pittsburgh at Electric Boat
  • "Northern Lights" showing a Virginia-class submarine cruising the Norwegian fjords
  • "Take Her Down" depicting the U.S.S. Connecticut as it submerges for deployment
  • "Clean Sweep" which portrays the return of the U.S.S. Providence to port after a successful sea trial.

LizAbout the Artist

Lizbeth Maxson-McGee is

a long-time resident of Groton with ties to the maritime world dating back generations. During the Civil War, her great-great grandfather was co-owner of the Mystic shipyard that built the "Galena" an iron-clad vessel. In "Our Silent Service" she has dedicated her work to those who with courage and confidence sail beneath the distant seas and surface under the canopy of stars.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 4, 5 - 8 pm.

There is no cost for museum entry or to view the artwork.

Summer Programs Flyer2011 Summer Programs

All programs are free and no registration is required!
Programs run from 10:00-3:00.

  • Saturday, June 18: DIXIE CUPS
    Love the white "dixie cup"hats the Sailors wear?
    Decorate one to take home.

    Photos Available in our Gallery!

  • Sunday, June 26: TDU CAN SMASH
    Subs get rid of their garbage through a Trash Disposal Unit (TDU) that ejects weighted, biodegradable cans from the boat. Choose a few water balloons, arrange them in our plastic "can,"and see how many weights they hold before exploding!

    Photos Available in our Gallery!

  • Friday, July 8: BOTTLE ROCKETS
    Design your own plastic-bottle rocket and launch it in our parking lot!

    Photos Available in our Gallery!

  • Saturday, July 16: CONCRETE BEACH
    When a sub surfaces in the middle of the ocean so the crew can soak up some sun, it's called "steel beach. "Bring your own lunch (no glass, please!) and join us for a day of fun on our "concrete beach"—the pier behind the Museum!

    Photos Available in our Gallery!

  • Sunday, July 24: BALLISTIC BALLOONS
    Some subs can launch ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets thousands of miles away. Try hitting something a little closer with one of our water-balloon launchers!

    Photos Available in our Gallery!

  • Friday, July 29: HALFWAY DAY
    Mark the midpoint of summer the way submariners mark the midpoint of their time at sea—with special games and activities.
  • Saturday, August 6: SUB DRESS UP
    Try on some of the many uniforms Sailors wear.
    Don't forget to bring a camera!
  • Sunday, August 14: BIKE DAY
    Bring your bike and learn how to be a better—and safer—rider! Check our website for more information as the date approaches.*
  • Friday, August 19: FIX A FLOOD
    Flooding can be a big problem on a sub, so Sailors train to deal with leaks both big and small. Try your hand at fixing a "leaky pipe" and check out some of the other damage-control tools that boats carry.
  • Friday, August 26: FIRE!
    Join the SUBASE fire department in our parking lot as they talk about fire safety and show you how to escape from a burning building.
  • Friday – Monday, September 2-4: SCAVENGER HUNT
    Tour the Museum, find some special exhibits, and win a prize.

All programs are free and no registration is required!
Programs run from 10:00-3:00.

Spring-Break at the Submarine Force Museum

Halloween on a SubmarineSubCome visit the Museum during Spring-Break.
April 22-24 from 10am to 3pm.
FREE! All Ages Welcome!

Build. Launch. Deploy!

  • Build a Model Submarine
  • Launch on our Special Raceway
  • Test the Power of your New Warship!!

See the flyer for more details!

Photos Available in our Gallery!

Presidents' Day Weekend

Presidents' Day WeekendJoin us for Presidents’ Day Weekend—February 19, 20, and 21—as we highlight the submarines named after our first three presidents: George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

When you arrive, pick up an activity book with mazes, puzzles, fun facts, and a place to put a photo of yourself in front of USS GEORGE WASHINGTON’s sail, which stands right in front of the Museum.Plus, go on a short scavenger hunt—find three items and be entered in a raffle to win a real submarine patch from one of the featured boats! Alternately, DOWNLOAD YOUR ACTIVITY BOOK!

Join us any time between 9 AM and 4 PM to learn more about and have some fun with the “Presidents of the Deep.”

Activity Book Solutions

If you would like to include announcements on this page concerning special events within the submarine community, please contact our secretary toll free at 1-800-343-0079 (local visitors may call (860) 694-3174) or Contact the Appropriate Person in Regards to your Inquiry with our Contact Form